As a Zend Framework Certified Developer I have 3 years experience gained mainly working on the University of Cardiff Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education GP Appraisal Application. Additionally I work as a Zend Framework trainer for Logical Elements training both online and on site. If you have any training requirements then please contact them.

Your decision on whether to use Zend Framework, or indeed any PHP framework, should be made based on some practical questions that you need to answer regarding your proposed website or application.

  • Will the code be created and maintained by many developers? If so then it may well be worthwhile utilising a framework as by definition they possess a common structure which usually results in better standardisation
  • Will you be employing a variety of developers to create and maintain code? If so consider whether you can afford the cost of getting each new developer up to speed with bespoke code or whether you would rather employ experts who will quickly be able to understand the existing structure based on known paradigms such as MVC (Model View Controller)
  • Will your site be using complex elements for which frameworks already have pre-built modules, such as authentication, authorisation, template systems, connection to web services, error logging etc.
  • Will you be reselling your code either as a separate entity or as part of your business? Code created with a recognise structured framework may be more immediately saleable than completely custom code

If your requirements involve modifying existing bespoke code or your application is localised and not too complex then it may well be quicker to use custom PHP code.