About Scion Solutions

Established in 1998 by Ian Winstanley, Scion Solutions is a website design and web development company specialising in creating interactive, database driven websites.

Development is carried out using the LAMP stack – Linux, MySQL, Apache and PHP. Frontend development is carried out using
HTML5, CSS3 and a leading JavaScript framework such as React or jQuery.

I am a certified Zend Framework and PHP developer with experience in delivering class and web based PHP training courses.

Based in Colne, Lancashire, the emphasis is on bespoke development, working closely with the client to integrate their existing business data and intelligence into a web-based system. Whether working with a product database, client list, document system, image library or electronic catalogue I will provide an impartial and honest solution that best fits your needs.

I can quote for a full project build or on a day rate basis.

Scion Solutions Ltd, Registered in England & Wales. Company No. 4729778


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