With 20 years ecommerce experience I am able to implement most open source ecommerce programmes including:

In certain circumstances you may need a solution that links your own website software to a payment provider and which incorporates a “callback” to confirm that the customer has successfully paid for the goods or services. In most cases I am able to provide this solution and am experienced in the following payment gateways:


It Helps if your Developer is DRY

I hear you say "I wouldn't want to employ someone to build my website whilst inebriated but they don't have to be teetotal". To be...


Keeping the Report Logic in the Database

Imagine that we have a very simple non-relational table for apartment bookings as described below. CREATE TABLE `apartments_bookings` ( `apartments_bookings_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL...


So what is AJAX?

You may have heard in tech conversations phrase such as "it will use lot's of AJAX" or "will it be using AJAX for a single...