It Helps if your Developer is DRY

I hear you say "I wouldn't want to employ someone to build my website whilst inebriated but they don't have to be teetotal". To be clear I am using DRY as the acronym Don't Repeat Yourself. And this is not verbal repetition but code repetition. So why is this such a big problem and why should it bother the website owner? Well it will almost certainly concern you in years... read more +


Keeping the Report Logic in the Database

Imagine that we have a very simple non-relational table for apartment bookings as described below. When running and displaying reports, often in grid format, it is common to see this kind of language construct Select from database... read more +


So what is AJAX?

You may have heard in tech conversations phrase such as "it will use lot's of AJAX" or "will it be using AJAX for a single page application?". AJAX has revolutionised the use of web applications and interfaces, moving from a sequential process, where the web page has to be reloaded for each action, to one where it is possible to experience a full website without ever leaving the initial page.... read more +